Chapter 1

The story takes place six months after the defeat of Galaxia.  The Starlights and Princess Kakyuu have rebuilt Kinmoku.  It is more beautiful than it was before.  The garden has red, white, and yellow roses.  There are more marble benches this time.

Healer is the youngest of the Starlights

” Hello Healer in the garden again? ” said Kakyuu.

” Hello Princess, ” Healer says bowing.

” The garden relaxes me, ” Healer added.

” The garden is beautiful, ” said Kakyuu smiling.

Kakyuu leaves Healer with her camera sitting next to her and heads to the palace.  The palace glistens in the sun.  It has stained glass windows that make rainbows when the sun shines on the floor.  There is a library on the main floor.  Books cover the walls.  Maker is reading when Kakyuu enters.

” Enjoying the library I see, ” Kakyuu said.

” Yes Princes, ” Maker said bowing.

” I am glad you like it, ” she said.

Maker gets back to her book while Kakyuu smiles and waves goodbye.

Lastly, to check on Fighter.  Since the building of the training room, she stays mostly there.  She trains the majority of the day.  She stops only to eat and sleep.  Kakyuu carefully enters the training room.

” Hello Fighter, ” she says smiling.

” Hello, Princess I did not hear you come in, ” Fighter bowing.

” I did not want to disturb your training, ” Kakyuu replied.

” Fighter, are you okay? ” she asks.

” Yes, Princess I am alright, ” Fighter replies.

” I just want to focus on getting stronger, ” she added.

Maker and Healer enter the training room as Fighter finishes her session.  The training dummy looks worse than she does.  She is out of breath.

” Coming to dinner? ” Maker and Healer asked.

” I will be right there, ” Fighter responded.

” Don’t worry about me, ” she added.

That evening Fighter is in her room.  She is sitting on her bed.  The nights are making it harder and harder to sleep.  Fighter requests sleeping pills without her companions knowing.

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